Product Information

Do you have a list of products and services that can be purchased from the IFRS Foundation Shop?

The IFRS Foundation Shop offers a variety of products and services, including:

•   IFRS publications

•   Official translations

•   Online Subscriptions

•   Individual Standards, exposure drafts and discussion papers

•   Education materials

To view our current products list click here.

What is the difference between the Required and Issued Publications?

The IFRS Standards Required contains information on standards which are currently required as of the 1 January in the year of publication.

The IFRS Standards Issued contains material on current standards, but also includes information on issued standards or amendments which will go into effect at a later date.

For further information on our publications and which book is most suitable for you, please see our following video guide here.

Are your publications available as electronic products?

Yes, in addition to our bound volumes and online subscriptions, many of our main publications and standards are also available as downloadable PDFs.

For further information on our available PDF products, please see our web shop here.

Do you publish books in other languages?

To view a list of the translations currently available to purchase, please see our web shop here.

What types of subscriptions do you offer?

We have three types of subscriptions:

eIFRS Professional Online Subscription:
This is an online only subscription. It gives you 12-months access to our online eIFRS resource containing the latest IFRS documents, as well as a vast archive of previous publications. The cost for this subscription is £295.00 for a single user. For more information on this, please visit the following link.

eIFRS Comprehensive Subscription:
This is a combined, online and print subscription. For the 12 months following the start of your subscription, you automatically receive all IASB/IFRS Foundation publications as they are issued in print and online (via the eIFRS resource). The cost for this subscription is £575.00 for a single user. For more information on this, please visit the following link.

El Servicio NIIF® Premium:
This includes access to eIFRS, and a bound volume of the 2015 IFRS for SME’s Book in Spanish. Additionally, as and when the Annotated IFRS Standards Required 1 January 2019 Book in Spanish and the Annotated IFRS Standards Issued 2019 Book in Spanish are released, you will receive those publications as well. The cost for this subscription is £395.00 for a single-user. For more information on this, please visit the following link.

Can I purchase a subscription for more than 1 user (multi-user subscription?)

All our subscriptions are available to purchase for up to 25 users. How this would work is the main user would act as the subscription manager. They would be our main contact for the subscription, and can add/amend the additional user(s) from their account once the subscription period begins. If the additional users should require our assistance with anything, we will need to know the details of the main user in order to locate their account.

If you require a multi-user subscription for more than 2 users, please email us at for a quotation.