The IFRS® Accounting Standards – Required 1 January 2024



This is the official edition of the authoritative pronouncements of the International Accounting Standards Board as required at 1 January 2024. For accounting periods beginning on 1 January 2024, excluding changes not yet required. This product is a printed bound volume. This edition does not contain IFRS Accounting Standards or changes to IFRS Accounting Standards with effective dates after 1 January 2024. Readers seeking the text of Accounting Standards issued as of 31 December 2023 with an effective date after 1 January 2024 should refer to IFRS® Accounting Standards—Issued at 1 January 2024 and The Annotated IFRS® Accounting Standards—Standards issued at 1 January 2024. Set of three volumes: Part A (Required Standards and the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting), Part B (Accompanying Guidance and IFRS Practice Statements) and Part C (Bases for Conclusions) are sold together as one set. For more information about the main changes in this 2024 edition of the required IFRS Standards please click the link below. Publication Due Date: January 2024 ISBN: 978-1-914113-95-6 Product Code: 2187 Price: £99

Product ID: 2187
ISBN: 978-1-914113-95-6
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