IFRS® Standards Issued at 1 January 2022



This is the official printed edition of the authoritative pronouncements of the International Accounting Standards Board as issued at 1 January 2022. This product is a printed bound volume. This edition contains the Standards as approved by the International Accounting Standards Board for issue up to 31 December 2021. These Standards include changes that are not yet required at 1 January 2022. Readers seeking the text of Standards required for accounting periods beginning on 1 January 2022 (that is, all Standards with an effective date on or before 1 January 2022) should refer to the 2022 edition of IFRS® Standards ‐ Required 1 January 2022, which was published in January 2022.

Product ID: 2149
ISBN: 978-1-914113-37-6 (SET)